TKA K7 – One of the KINGS of Freestyle Music

TKA K7 BOOKINGDirect from Spanish Harlem, New York, party music prodigy K7, started his musical ventures from the mid the nineteen nineties throughout that period he launched euphonious ageless hits which have turn out to be audience favs.

K7’s “Swing Batta Swing” recording moved gold as well as spawned pop hits such as “Come Baby Come”, club choice “Move It Like This”, Yellow Man inspired “Zunga Zeng” and the transforming of Cab Calloway’s hit “Hi-De-Ho” that is predominantly showcased within the film as well as soundtrack connected with “The Mask” featuring Jim Carrey. K7’s greatest hit, “Come Baby Come”, reached 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and rocketed to 3 on the UK Singles chart. Additionally, it had been contained in Tommy Boy’s Jock Jams Vol. 1 recording, that proceeded to go platinum, and also had been showcased in numerous films like “I Like It Like That”, “Mr. 3000” as well as recently took the show within the motion picture “Stick It”.

Director extraordinaire Hype Williams directed K7’s very first 3 singles such as “Come Baby Come”. K7 had been one of the actual very first performers to work with the actual movie/video director subsequent to Hype’s work taking off.

TKA ShowPrevious to his solo success & reinventing himself as being K7, he had already established his reputation within the pop community as the head singer and also songwriter of the well known Latin freestyle experience best-known as TKA Freestyle. K7, after that recognized as Kayel, authored, performed as well as performed the greater part of TKA’s most important hits such as “Scars of Love”, “Tears May Fall”, “Don’t be Afraid”, “Is it Love”, “Give Your Love To Me”, “You Are The One”, “Maria” and “Louder Than Love”. K7 also penned and also recorded the music for DJ Skribble’s Traffic Jams cd named “I’ll Do” as well as composed tracks for some other musicians which includes George Lamond’s “More Than Words Can Say” and also The Cover Girls’ “If You Want My Love”.

Around 2002, K7 unveiled an project with his protégé & songwriting collaborator, Tybless, titled “Love, Sex, Money” which in turn launched their own single “Voulez Vous”.

Apart from becoming a innovator connected with dance as well as hip-hop fusion, K7 invested 8 years performing as a on air persona for New York’s Hot 97 along with radio icons such as Angie Martinez, Funk Master Flex and also Ed Lover prior to relocating up the dial to the city’s top dance station, 103.5 KTU, where by he performed along with greats such as Vic Latino, Speedy, Goumba Johnny as well as Diane Prior. Through his career, K7 has made an appearance upon televised shows such as Showtime at the Apollo, The Arsenio Hall Show, U.K.’s Top of the Pops as well as MTV’s “The Grind” to help identify a few. He has additionally been observed along with Marc Anthony throughout the nation’s “I Love NY” marketing campaign commercial pursuing 9/11.

K7 has shared the stage along with music stars such as ‘N Sync, Pussycat Dolls, R. Kelly, Salt & Pepper, Take That, Robbie Williams and Naughty By Nature. No matter if it’s the sounds involving K7’s party songs or even the particular angst-driven dance melodies involving TKA, this Harlem original has continued to be pertinent in the ears of his committed supporters throughout the world within the past nineteen years. As well as currently, he even now has got the magic which ignites his listeners with exhilaration each and every occasion he simple steps foot on the stage!


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